March Recap

I started off this month taking a spring trip to Scotland with my sister Drew, to visit our youngest sister Rome. She has been studying abroad for the semester and I’m so excited we had the opportunity to visit.

We took three planes to reach Edinburgh, had sunny days for the first few days, and no rain for the entire trip. The three of us even found a penny smasher, and a perfect little landmark sticker pack at the shop.

When Rome went back for school, Drew and I had an opportunity to walk up Authur’s Seat together. It has stunning views and I got some of my favorite photos on that journey. We had a traditional Scottish breakfast that morning, multiple hot chocolates and even walked up some stunning steep footpath.

I was able to take plenty of photos, saved all our little receipts and grabbed many souvenirs for my field note. I had fun getting and tasting hot chocolates through out the trip. During the trip we took a train out of the city to see Rome’s college and I had my favorite lunch of the trip. It was the amazing grilled cheese by the sea, so good a seagull even swooped in for a bite hitting Drew in the head during the process!

I wasn’t able to get much drawing in on the trip, but had a wonderful time going with the flow. My favorite breakfast was at Black Sheep coffee house, where I had a Nutella Waffle that requires revisit. I also loved our afternoon tea at a quiet hotel in the city, where we had the cutest little snacks. Then when Drew and I on a whim had dinner at Bertie’s had my favorite dessert of the trip, sticky toffee pudding.

The rest of the month flew by as I re-adjusted to my daily schedule, but I have started to be more expressive with my art. I’ve been trying to capture feelings and emotions in my work like I use to do when I was young. We are already a quarter through the year, but I’m feeling present and excited for my next project.